My dream job

Do you know what I really want to be when I grow up? (Probably not but here we go) I really really really want to be in the military or the army or something like that. I always change my mind about the jobs I want to do but this is one that has been in my list for a pretty long time! Well there’s one little problem ( ok maybe a big problem but whatever) So I was just talking about what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said I want to be in the military or army and my mom was like ” I don’t think that is going to happen because of you have diabetes (ok when I first got diagnosed they said u could do anything I wanted) I was very upset when my mom told me this almost in tears ( this is why I started this blog) I looked up on google if diabetics could be in the military ( looked on every sight I possibly could) every single sight I looked at was”If you have any serious medical condition you are not permitted to join the military ” I was so upset but I have lots of hope that diabetes will be cured before I am at least 30-40. That is my dream job 

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