You know that feeling 

If you are a diabetic (or have a condition where you have a bag to carry) then sometimes you get a really bad knot in you’re stomach that you will always be different because you have to carry a bag around everywhere and it’s just hard to accept that you’re different you will never be like your friends and you just need someone to relate to and one day there will be a cure and we won’t be different from everyone else and we just need faith and hope cause it will happen one day it might not be in my lifetime but I will still have hope for those people

3 thoughts on “You know that feeling ”

  1. My heart aches for you being so young. I was diagnosed at 15, and I’m now 24. It’s not easy feeling different.. but once I finally learned to start embracing it, and not hide from it.. I felt like a “whole new me”. You’re only 11, and you’ve already started a blog for you to share your feelings. You’re doing great! I know it’s hard finding people to relate to, even at my age. But there’s HUGE diabetic online community, and we are all here for you and won’t ever let you feel too alone! You are wise beyond your years, sweet girl. You are so right about needing faith and hope.. that’s all we’ve got, and there WILL be a cure and I sure hope it’s in BOTH of our lifetimes. But look at you, already thinking of others in the future. What a selfless 11 year old you are. Keep fighting the good fight and hang in there! You’re never alone! Coming from a type 1 diabetic of 9 years, I promise .. if you ever just want to chat and vent about diabetes and the stuff we go through.. I’ll be here for you to vent and I’ll be here to listen! ❤ You're a strong girl! I truly mean that.

    AKA The Hopeful Diabetic

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