A Diabetic 

Hi!, My name is Laylah I am 11 years old (I know I’m a little young to be on this site) It was June 14th 2016, I was just at the beach I was having a normal issue so my mom took me to the doctor to check me out and he asked me if I was using the restroom a lot and I said yes( it was unbelievable how many times I used the bathroom) He asked me if I was drinking a lot of water and I said yes I was drinking 3-4 bottles of water a day ( I would normally always have Sprite but I was so thirsty I would drink water) I also lost a lot of weight it’s unreal, Blury vision,Mood swings, Blah Blah Blah so then they asked me if I had ever had my finger pricked and I saw my moms face drop , (That worried me a lot) Of course I said yes (I get it every check-up now) so then they leave the room I ask my mom what’s wrong she said nothing. Before they came back in I was complaining about my day here we go, I was like”I have had a bad day today here’s what happened First, I did not get to go in my aunts pool because it was raining,(I stayed with my aunt that day)Second, I had to go to the doctors office that day and I hate the doctors office, Then, after they pricked my finger I got a bright orange band aid ( I am a big Alabama fan Tennessee vols our rivals color is orange) I was like”Nothing could get worse than this” Those STUPID STUPID words. The doctor came in and said”I am sorry to tell you that Laylah has diabetes.” My mom started crying so I started crying ! The doctor said I needed to be admitted to the hospital

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